Welcome to my blog. I wonder how many times that phrase has been used!  My blog is a mishmash of things, much like what’s inside my brain. I will be sharing stories from my life, and how I came to find Jesus. But I must warn you, my journey was a long one, not always things I’m proud of but they are my truth. I’m not sugar-coating anything. I guess I should also throw this out– it is never my intention to offend anyone. Will I? Most likely because life isn’t polite and neat-it’s messy, stuff happens, and there’s no getting around it. I am human – not a prophet, not some Biblical character that grew up strong in faith and always doing right. I’m a wreck, LOL But I am lucky that the God I believe in forgives and loves me.

Interspersed with all of this will be my odd little thoughts. My mind often goes off on tangents. Even in the middle of talking to folks I find myself having to Hansel & Gretel my way back through the breadcrumbs of my thoughts to the original topic. As a single mom of a tween I will also share those wonderful parenting moments. You remember when your child is young and wants to be with you and help with the cleaning? Well, for me those days are gone. That sweet, little girl has been replaced with a creature that is constantly rolling its eyes at me, truly believes she has (in her 12 years) gained more insight and wisdom than me, and reserves the tone one would use when speaking to a chimpanzee with a brain injury when trying to explain something to me. Do I still love her? Of course. I take hope and strength from the many parents who have gone before me and say that at the other end of the teen years there is a light; that later on my daughter will return to me as the loving child I had but with a compassion that’s come from going through heartbreak and other life experiences. In the meantime I dread the day she starts PMS-ing and worry that will lead to one of us ending up in a shallow grave somewhere.  As I’m the slower member of the herd it will most likely end up being me. So before that happens, let me blog…

A single mom, cancer survivor, proud of both sides of her Scandinavian/Puerto Rican heritage, whose sense of humor, friends, and faith have helped her navigate life. None of it would mean anything without my daughter and our furry family members.

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