There are no small minds, just big heads – Rose, The Golden Girls

That quote has absolutely nothing to do with today’s blog, the TV is on and it just hit me funny.  So friends, today’s blog is about love and relationships. Let me state from the start that if you’re looking for insight into love, you won’t find it here. If I had a great relationship I’d be giving him attention and not writing this blog.

Photo by Steve Hillebrand/US FIsh and Wildlife Service
Photo by Steve Hillebrand/US Fish and Wildlife Service

My first crush was Duncan. We met at nursery school in Paoli, PA. It turned out he lived near me in Devon so we carpooled. What sultry qualities did my toddler Romeo have that turned my head I hear you ask? Well I’ll tell you – Duncan ate the dead bugs out of the spider’s web in the corner of the room. I was mesmerized that not only did he think this up on his own, but that he did it, not once, but every day and never was he caught by the teachers.  He was like James Bond combined with Renfield.

Years passed and in the summer of ’76 I spent everyday at our local Y. Each day my mom would drop me off at 10 a.m. when they opened. She’d give me enough money for a Payday bar and a Pepsi Light for lunch. I met a sweet guy, Al, at the Y. Unfortunately, I gave in to peer pressure. Al wore a speedo bathing suit even though he wasn’t on the swim team and he wasn’t European. My friends made fun of this so I stopped speaking to him before I left for the beach.

Stone Harbor NJ Life Saving Station
Stone Harbor NJ Life Saving Station

A couple of weeks later I was in Stone Harbor, NJ. I spent a week being romanced by a 16 year old boy. He couldn’t believe I was only 13. We spent every day on the beach swimming and walking along the water. Want to know his name? So do I! He told me but I didn’t hear what he said so I asked him again. There were waves crashing, seagulls squawking and these obnoxious little kids screaming near us, so I didn’t hear what he said the second time. Thinking I’d ask him later, we ended up spending the whole day together. As the sun set on our first day I was too embarrassed to admit to him that I didn’t know what his name was. And if I couldn’t ask him at the end of Day 1, it definitely wasn’t happening the next day. After a week my family went back home to PA so that was that. But my days in Devon were numbered.

At the end of the summer we moved to central Pennsylvania and I had to leave my friends, Green Valley Stables, the Y, and all that was familiar. More of my disastrous decisions in the dating world are coming up in Part 2.

A single mom, cancer survivor, proud of both sides of her Scandinavian/Puerto Rican heritage, whose sense of humor, friends, and faith have helped her navigate life. None of it would mean anything without my daughter and our furry family members.

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