Connectivism [ID Blog]

Connectivism is one of those theories that again makes me think “This is learning?”  I don’t mean that in an insulting way. But there are things that we do, in our daily life, that seem normal,  just  “going about your business” type stuff, yet these things turn out to be learning theories.

In the weekly synch session, we were sent to break-out rooms to search for certain products online. The searching combined with asking each other questions and using online chat was all part of connectivism. The poster child for connectivism should be Kevin Bacon; the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon has been around at least since the early 90’s, if not before.

It is amazing how connected we all are; we are all constantly learning from each other. Sometimes it is how not to act when behind the wheel of a car, sometimes it’s how to get that darn copy machine unjammed, and other times it is a secret that another parent shares with you that ends up being one of those priceless gems that make parenting so much easier.

Thanks to Wikimedia Commons for the image of Kevin Bacon.

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